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Online retail growth continues at double-digit rates and the growth rate of traffic to retail sites is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of the Internet. That points to consumers becoming more and more comfortable with the online shopping experience. That’s great for small businesses that are currently playing the e-commerce game. Additionally, using the Internet to sell your goods can be more cost effective than traditional print advertising especially when you consider the cross-marketing and partnership opportunities available online.

The great thing about being online is you don't have to invest in a real estate contract and during the initial stages, you don't have to invest in too much additional inventory. You can test different practices to find out what's going to work. For brick-and-mortar retailers concerned that an online outlet could cannibalize their existing business, don’t worry. You're going to get exposure outside your natural trade area, which will only improve business. If you're evaluating your Web site solely on the basis of the sales it generates, that's fine. But that underestimates the impact that the online experience has on your offline sales, which can be very great. A recent on-line study suggests that for every dollar people spend online, they spend six offline.


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