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If you own multiple PCs, you have probably thought about how great it would be if your computers could talk to each other. It's called a network and they used to be found only in a big office or a commercial setting but they are more popular now then ever before. You can find them in many homes and almost every small office now has some type of network.

With your computers networked, you can:

Share a single printer between computers
Share a single Internet connection among all the computers in your home or office
Access shared files such as photographs, MP3s, spreadsheets and documents on any computer on the network
Send the output of a device like a DVD player or Webcam to your other computer(s)
Backup important files from one computer to another

We specialize in many different networking solutions, can help you decide which method is right for your home or office.

Wireless networking is the easiest and one of the least expensive options. We can install a wireless access point, connect it to your cable or DSL modem and install wireless cards in each of your computers. We’ll have all your computers talking on a network, sharing printers and backing up your important data.


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